Serving at SunHills

Serving is a great way to get involved and be a part of what God is doing at SunHills! Each week, our generous volunteers dedicate their time, talents, and energy to serve the SunHills family and reach people with the gospel message of Christ. There’s an abundance of opportunities, so come experience the joy and satisfaction of serving together!

Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar volunteers provide coffee, treats, and other beverages to our guests. They are kind and attentive to both the guests and what is being served. By being friendly and helpful, the efforts of these volunteers help to welcome guests and set them at ease.
Logistics volunteers work diligently to facilitate Sunday mornings at SunHills – ensuring that physical items required for the service are in place and functional. They serve a vital role in preparing our environment for worship.
Greeters welcome all guests with a smile and are available to answer any questions. They are friendly, energetic, and welcoming. Greeters play an important role in making personal (though often short) connections with each guest.
Creating a worship experience that is distraction-free and focused on the gospel is an essential element of every Sunday morning at SunHills. Ushers are responsible for welcoming guests to the worship service, providing them with a program, gently guiding them to find seats (when necessary), and minimizing distractions so that they are relaxed and able to focus.
What a blessing it is to care for the infants of new mothers during a service. (3 Months – 2 Years Old)
Nothing brightens your day quite like serving in a room full of 2 and 3 year olds.  Their smile will make you smile too.
Pre-School kids are some of the most loving people in the world, and we aspire to encourage them to continue that lifestyle with the love and truth of Jesus!
Early Elementary
Early elementary aged students are fun and full of energy.  If you’re ready to talk about Jesus’ love and the amazing gift that He is, they’ll be ready to listen!  Come join us and show love to these fun loving kiddos.
Edge 45
In Edge 45 we provide a welcoming and fun group environment where kids dive into God’s Word as they grapple with their faith, relationships, and choices. During a typical classroom experience, kids connect during free time and then experience the lesson through games, videos, an object lesson, and small group time. Edge 45 happens Sundays during first service, and one Friday night each month! 
Echo Middle School
This high energy ministry requires a love for crazy middle school guys and gals and a desire to disciple in creative and unusual ways. If you want to be part of shaping the lives of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders you are in the right place.
Echo High School
Friendships, community, and discipleship are key elements of high school ministry. If you are committed to the Word of God and desire to walk through life with these teens they will bless your life as you shape theirs.
Student Leadership
This is ground floor ministry where students lead students. You will be mentored, get to plan monthly events, and even lead elements of youth group on Tuesday nights. If you want to be part of the ministry team, then join Student Leadership.
Echo Events
Maybe you don’t have the availability to disciple Echo students but you still want to be part of shaping the next generation, we are always on the lookout for event volunteers. We are constantly in need of drivers, cooks, servants of every kind, vehicles, boats, and vacation homes. These resources expand our ministry above and beyond.
Audio Tech
Sound Technicians are one of the most valuable serving opportunities we have at SunHills. If you enjoy music, making things sound good, and allowing others to worship God through creating quality sounded mixes behind the scenes, this is for you! 
Camera Operator
Allowing people in other parts of the church and those who miss a Sunday, for whatever reason, to be impacted by the message of Jesus that is brought from the stage each Sunday is a huge blessing that the Camera Operator provides.
Lighting Board Tech
If you have a creative eye for color coordination and you are aware of changes in moods and atmosphere, you would be a great fit to serve on the lighting board.
Video Screen Tech
As a video tech, you are leading others in worship as much as the lead singer. Nothing reinforces the message like visual aids on the screens and this responsibility falls on the video screen tech.  
Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitar
Do your friends refer to you as ‘Shreddy Van Halen’? If your heart is being tugged to serve in the band, with either of these instruments, we would love to schedule an audition with you where you’ll play a song of your choice. Acoustic and Bass guitar are rhythm-based instruments here at SunHills. These positions hold high expectations of being able to play in time with a metronome, while the Electric guitarist is expected to take on more of the ‘leads and solos’ role.
Is your favorite color black and white? We would love to have you serve on the team as a piano or keys player! Prepare a song of your choice for an audition and bring your G#aug7 game. You will be expected to play in time with a metronome.
Do you have a good sense of humor? Because there are constantly drummer jokes being thrown around. We like to have fun serving Jesus. If you’re feeling led by Jesus to serve here, and you love hitting clear-topped-bucket-like things, prepare a song of your choice for an audition and don’t forget your tuner!
Golden pipes? This is an important role in the band. You will be expected to sing mostly harmonies, but don’t be surprised if you are asked to lead a song or two, on a typical Sunday morning service. Prepare a song of your choice for an audition and blow us away! But only if you’ve brushed your teeth.