The Fruit Of The Spirit Contemplation

This brief practice (about 5 minutes) focuses our attention on the fruit of the Spirit. Begin by acknowledging God’s presence as you take a few slow and deep breaths. Then select one of the words of the fruit of the Spirit (love or joy… etc) and walk through each line, with about a minute on each line. End with thanks to God. Enjoy!

The practice here is to contemplate/ reflect/ consider/ set your attention on; as some say ‘look at with your minds eye’ or ‘turn your heart toward’. If – when – your mind wanders, then just bring it back to the focus on the fruit of the Spirit. As with any practice, this becomes more natural the more we do it.

For the teaching on the fruit of the Spirit that introduced this practice listen here.

What we contemplate is tremendously important. For a previous teaching on this, please see here!