“The first thing Jesus’ question urges us to do is to listen to our own hearts… to pay close attention to our innermost yearnings and longings. Yet we often avoid embarking on this inward quest. We make excuses: we don’t have the time or we are too busy or we can’t trust our hearts or it’s a waste of time or we don’t know how to go about it or it’s too painful or it’s too sentimental or we think our reasoning offers a better guide to life… the list goes on and on. Whatever excuse you and I may use, the result is always the same. We miss the opportunity to look into the deeper places of our hearts. The consequences are very sad. I know this from my own experience and from listening for over thirty years to the inner longings of people’s lives. When we are deaf to the cry of our own hearts, we cheat ourselves. We rob ourselves of living a life that is marked by depth and wonder and passion. We miss out on experiencing beautiful, intimate relationships with each other and with God. Instead we find ourselves living superficially – busy but going nowhere of any significance. Little wonder that, even in the midst of our outwardly successful and affluent lives, we sometimes hear ourselves saying, ‘I still haven’t found what I am looking for.’ Will you allow Jesus’ question, ‘What are you looking for?’ to lead you deeper into your heart?”. – Trevor Hudson, “Questions God Asks Us”