Check out the pictures that Lori shared!


This is the little boy who was 4 days off the street. On the first day, he wouldn’t make eye contact, he was very listless and fatigued, and clung to his mom crying a lot. Clearly the streets had affected him very deeply.

And then….That’s Allie Roe with him on the last day, smiling and laughing. Loved back to life.

Here’s Veronica, my New Mexican sister. This was during the drive by blessings. Claire was the interpreting bridge the day before for me to get to know her a little better. You can see the painting behind her she had already put up on her wall from Regan’s idea of art ministry with the ladies.

After the last day. The entire group of ladies and our team. 🙂

Me and Eva, Sami’s wife. All the ladies were asking me to sign their “Jesus calling” book we gave them. I told them I’d sign their book if they signed my arm in sharpie. We all laughed so hard about that!


All the beautiful art! It was so special seeing the women connect through art!


Jaime telling us about the detox room just before we prayed.



Jay Johnson and Claire Loos just before Jaime took us in.
I was SO nervous!



Wall Graffiti! 🙂
That’s Sami with the SunHills sun on the wall. (Jake sprayed the SunHills sun.)




Zeke praying at the women’s home. You need to record him and Brett. AMAZING story!


She stole my heart.