As we are in the week leading to Thanksgiving, we invite you to read Psalm 103. In fact, I encourage you to read it every day… yep, every day. It will be a great prompt for you to orient your soul to blessing, thanking and praising the Lord.One of my professors in seminary called Psalm 103, in his opinion, “the loveliest of all the Psalms”, and he strongly encouraged us to memorize it (also a good idea).
Daily time in this Psalm will not only be great for your week of Thanksgiving, it will also prepare you for our time of entering into and practicing Psalm 103 – as we will in our special service this Sunday (11/26). Here are just a few options for being in Psalm 103 this week… every day:

  • Read the whole Psalm every day – on your own or with your family 
  • Print it and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day (bathroom mirror, etc) – that can also help with memorizing
  • Have it somewhere accessible on your phone, to keep it before you
  • If you don’t read the whole Psalm every day, take briefer sections to meditate on more deeply
  • Listen to Psalm 103

I pray that your times in Psalm 103 will bless you as you bless the Lord; and I look forward to sharing in it with you on Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving!