All this ‘Christmas Story’ stuff is the same old story.
Nothing new here.
Like read Luke 1 verse 3. Same old stuff right?
  • Hold on… What is this? Luke is telling Theophilus that he carefully investigated and then wrote this orderly account. No way. Does this mean Luke did the CSI thing and then wrote down what his ‘careful investigation’ uncovered? (I always thought it was just the Christmas story in Luke.)
Okay then, one question?  In verse 4 why did Luke write this down?____________
  • Hold on…  Does this also mean Luke wrote this for me too then? That’s pretty heavy.
Really?  This was written for me? So that I too would know the ‘certainty’ of things? Heavy.
What else did Luke uncover during this CSI investigation of his?
  • Hold on… He found that both Zechariah and Elizabeth were descendants of ________ . Like the guy who was Moses’s brother? The guy who spoke for Moses during the Egyptian plagues?
  • Hold on… Zechariah and Elizabeth both observed all the Lord’s __________ and _________ blamelessly. Come on. Nobody does that. But Luke CSI’d all this so there you go.
No wonder God blessed Zechariah and Elizabeth with a son named _________  who came ___ months before Jesus.

I guess Luke researched all of this.
  • Hold on… The angel’s name was _______. Is that a fact? No way.
Luke tells us just what the angel said.
Gabriel said, “I stand in the presence of _____.” Again, heavy!

I guess you should check out the rest of the reading for this week. See just what Luke investigated – then wrote down for you… Luke even wrote down the song that Zechariah sang when his son John was born. Amazing.