Great joy was had last week in celebrating the sacrament of baptism as a church! This week we come back to our study of James 5:7-11. Please read along with us.

In this passage, James is encouraging believers to have patience as they wait for the Lord’s return. This could not be more applicable to us.  We have been waiting 2000 years for our Lord to return and to perfect us His church (see Eph 5:27, also husbands/wives review Eph 5, very interesting that our marriages are a reflection of Christ and the church).

Reflection Questions:

  1. Why does James begin verse seven with “be patient“? It may be helpful to review James 5:1-6 and remember the oppression of the rich land owners? What would the prospects be for the church vs. the rich land owners on Christ return?
  2. James gives three examples of patient people: the farmer, the prophets, and Job. How is patience shown in each of their lives? In what areas of your life are you impatient? How can these examples teach you patience?
  3. How does Christ’s return and our life being mist (James 4:14) affect our response to God with our money and affect our emotions in response to suffering?  How does Christ return focus us for the battle at hand (Eph 6:12-18)?