Paul begins this chapter with much of the same focus on his thankfulness in the Thessalonian church.  We see that the Thessalonians are still enduring trials and persecutions, but that they are enduring (1:4).  Paul also reminds the church of Christ’s return, and the judgment to come.


  • In verse 3 Paul outlines two specific reasons that he is particularly thankful to God for the Thessalonians.  What are his reasons?
  • During these trails the saint’s faith is growing, and so is their love for one another.  How have the trials you’ve been through grown your faith?
  • We will face affliction during this life, but what response does God take to this (see 1:5-7)?  How does the reality of judgment make you feel?  What will people who do not know God face during the judgment?
  • What is Paul praying for in verse 11?  There is comfort in trials that God is working through them to strengthen our resolve for good and faith.  Through these trials, God is glorified in us, and us in Him!