Please read along with us in this week’s passage, Exodus 20-24.

The Law and the Covenant: We reviewed the Ten Commandments last week and this week will look to how we apply them in our lives. This passage sets forth the culture in which God’s people are to live. It lays out ways for the people to interact, live, and obey God. God is giving his design for a new society for his chosen people. These laws are still meaningful as we look at our current culture and what God desires it to be.

As you read, please consider these questions:

  • Please review the Ten Commandments given by God inExodus 20. Last week’s email may serve as a reference for you. With your family or by yourself please write these out and review their applications.
  • Look at verse 21:22What does this say about the sanctity of human life before birth? When does life begin? See Jeremiah 1:5.
  • Exodus 21:24 is an often misquoted verse. What does an “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth” mean? How could it be misconstrued? Hint: remember the Judges that Jethro recommended in Chapter 18. The key to this passage is at the end of verse 22. Also see Matthew 5:38-39 for Jesus’ take on these verses.
  • In the beginning of Chapter 22 we see what shall be done with a theft. How is the thief to be treated? How does he repay for his wrongdoings? How does this differ from our system of criminal justice?
  • The covenant is confirmed in Exodus 24:1-18. In this important section the tablets of stone are delivered to Moses and the people. Please take time to meditate on this event picturing it as historical fact. What emotions did Moses feel meeting God?