Please read along with us in this week’s passage, Exodus 17:8-18:27. In this passage Israel is attacked by the Amalek people who inhabit the Northern Sinai Peninsula and face their first battle. This is the first mention of Joshua. Please refer toJoshua 1-19 to learn more about him. Joshua forms and leads an army against Amalek.

As you read, please consider these questions:

  • What does Moses do? How is the Lord’s protection revealed in Moses’ actions?
  • What is demonstrated in 17:9-12 as the Lord uses Moses? We see that the battle is the Lord’s to win, Moses is his chosen deliverer and the staff of judgement his tool. Who comes to Moses’ aid in his weakness? Do you ever find that while doing God’s will you need others to help in your weakness? 
  • In 17:14 what is the Lord’s command to Moses? How is it to be delivered to Joshua?

In chapter 18 Moses’ father-in-law Jethro brings Moses’ wife and sons to meet him. In vs 13-23 Jethro inquires about the duties Moses is performing everyday and shows concern about the toll it will take on Moses and the people waiting for his counsel. Jethro suggests a framework where able men are placed over the people to assist in settling matters/disputes.This is the first mention of appointing overseers or elders.

  • What was the basis for choosing the overseers? In the New Testament Paul lays out the qualification for an elder in Titus 1:5-9. How would you compare these two standards?