Reading the text ahead of time can help you to have a deeper understanding of Sunday’s messages. We are so pleased that you all have been reading along with us!

Last Sunday Dan explained that even though Moses had many objections to what God was personally calling him to do, God was going to accomplish his purpose regardless of Moses’ shortcomings. Even today, God, in his sovereignty is bringing about the redemption of the world and we are chosen to participate with him. In chapter 6, God makes known his plans for the people of Israel and continues to prepare Moses for his task.

Read Exodus 6As you read, please consider these questions:

  • Look at the first person nature of God’s comments in 6:1and 6:6-8. Focus on God’s “I will” statements. What would be your response to these promises? What is the response of the Hebrews? Do you claim God’s promises or does a broken spirit keep you from their reality?
  • In verse 3, God the Father refers to himself as Yahweh, the Lord. He has made himself known to Moses in a deeper way through the burning bush. Reference this in regards to the incarnation in John 1:1-18. Particularly focus on verse 14. Have you ever felt completely in awe of God’s glory? How is God’s glory further demonstrated inActs 2:1-4?
  • What does Moses’ comment in verse 12 about uncircumcised lips mean? What is God’s response to Moses’ inadequacy?