This week’s Exodus reading is a bit longer than in weeks past so we encourage you to get an early start on it! On Sunday Dan spoke about how God made himself known to Moses. In Chapters 3-5 God reveals his plans for Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. We also see the first opposition to God’s plan from Moses, Pharaoh, and the Israelites.

Read Exodus 35. As you read, please consider these questions:

  • In 4:21 God says that he will harden Pharaoh’s heart. What do you think God’s reason is for doing this? (SeeRomans 9:17)
  • If Moses is the one God has chosen to bring his people out of Israel, why does God include Aaron? What situation in your life is most likely to cause you to doubt your own abilities?
  • Moses and Aaron deliver God’s message to Pharaoh in Chapter 5. What does Pharaoh do to make the Israelite’s lives more difficult and how do they respond? What is Moses’ response? Has there been a time where you have carried out God’s will and things didn’t turn out how you planned? How does this compare with the common belief that if you do good, God will bless you?